The storm from the weekend is still spinning off to the north of us. It’s close enough that we are seeing some clouds build up Tuesday afternoon and those clouds are bringing just a few showers into Maryland. Any showers that are out there will die down when the sun sets.

Temperatures started to climb. We made it back to the low 60s Tuesday afternoon after only managing a high of 50 Monday. Even though that’s warmer, it’s still below the average of 68 degrees. This warm up will continue Wednesday with highs back near average.

Although this weekend’s storm put a good dent in our rainfall deficit, we are still about 4″ below average for the year. A new storm will move our way with clouds Wednesday night, then rain Thursday. That storm gets out of here Thursday night, but leaves us in a pattern that will direct two more storms our way Friday through Sunday. They will get very strung out as they dive out of the Midwest then cut through the Mid-Atlantic. If everything sets up over us, like it’s looking, then we will get another good dose of rainfall by the end of the weekend. If this shifts to the south, then those amounts will be limited – but still the chance for some rain. Temperatures will take a hit during this time, but nothing like what just happened with the last storm.

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