Former NFL GM and current 105-7 THE FAN co-host Vinny Cerrato broke the news Thursday that Ravens LB Terrell Suggs, the NFL’s reigning Defensive Player of the Year, has torn his Achilles tendon.  He could miss most, if not all, of the 2012 season.

Upon hearing the news, Former Ravens O-Lineman Wally Williams called in to the Vinny & Rob Show on 105-7 THE FAN to give insight into an Achilles injury.  Wally tore his Achilles in April 1997 and returned to the Ravens lineup in late October of that year.

Listen to entire interview here:

“It’s a rough rehab.  Something you can’t rush because you really understand the significance of the Achilles and how much you rely on that part of your body.  It’s gonna be a rough time.  It’s gonna be a lengthy rehab,” Williams announced.

Williams spent six months on the sidelines before returning to the trenches.  But he said the recovery took much longer than that.

“I still had to continually rehab that thing for the rest of my career,” he said.

Physical rehab is only one aspect.  There is a mental process, too, according to Williams.

“There’s a psychological aspect to these injuries.  You’re on top of the world one day and then you hear this loud ‘POP’ almost like someone blew out a paper bag behind you.  That’s how it sounds.  So, there’s a mental process you have to go through,” Williams said.


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