HOWARD COUNTY, Md. (WJZ)– A grief-stricken Howard County family gets support from a Baltimore Raven. Ray Rice is hoping to help end cyberbullying, inspired to join the fight after a tragic loss.

Adam May has the story.

“My daughters Cara, Megan and Gloria lost a sister, and Kris and I lost a daughter,” David McComas, Grace McComas’ father, said.

A heartbreaking speech from the father of 15-year-old Howard County teenager, Grace McComas.

After being bullied on social media websites, she took her own life on Easter.

“It’s a form of torture. Grace lived in that torture. Grace lived in a torture,” David McComas said.

At a town hall meeting in Howard County, parents and students also heard from Ravens running back Ray Rice.

“It’s about saving lives, because this bullying thing has really gotten out of hand. There’s so many touching stories, and it’s like, why?” Rice said.

Rice shared that he dealt with putdowns as a child and he hopes victims of bullying remember, it gets better.

“A lot of kids can relate to me. I’m not a prototype NFL guy. I’m a little guy from a small town who paved my way through life, and I just want these kids to know they’re not alone,” he said.

In the McComas case, police say there is an ongoing investigation. Her father is calling on people to be leaders.

“In whatever circles of influence you have, do it with a ray of hope and touch of grace,” David McComas said.

A recent survey of middle school students found almost nine out of 10 say they’ve been cyberbullied.


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