BALTIMORE (WJZ)– There’s extra security at the ballpark. Camden Yards enlists new muscle to keep Orioles’ fans off the field. This comes after a rash of disruptions that outraged players and law enforcement alike.

Kai Jackson shows us how Oriole Park is cracking down on out-of-control fans.

The message from the Orioles to their fans is enjoy the game– just do it responsibly.

The Baltimore Orioles would like to close the book on this chapter of Opening Day.

The fan– who called himself Batman– ran out on the field and disrupted the game. It’s not a prank. The Orioles and police say it’s a crime.

“You get a couple of beers in people. They’re not always the most logical people,” Hope Birchfield, an Orioles fan, said.

The Orioles are fighting back against people looking for fame on the field.

Baltimore City Police already patrol the park, but now the O’s have hired a private security detail.

“We’re doing what we need to do to protect our field, protect our players and protect the entertainment that folks come here to see at Oriole Park,” Kevin Cummings, the ballpark operations director, said.

The Orioles tell WJZ in a perfect world, their new security team will never have to chase anyone on the field or do anything else similar. However, if needed, they’re in place.

“I think it’s a disgrace that someone’s gonna try and ruin the integrity of the game,” Jared Auchey, an Orioles fan, said.

The club won’t say how many people are on the detail. WJZ‘s media partner The Baltimore Sun reports they wear white t-shirts and khaki pants.

They won’t be armed but will target trespassers and public disruptions.

“We have to take anyone who wants to jump on the field as a serious security risk. You know, the players are out there, the umpires, the managers, the coaches,” Cummings said.

“I think it’s a good idea to keep people out of trouble, to keep the fans safe,” Jermuke Evans, an Orioles fan, said.

Those who run onto the field can be charged with trespassing, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Orioles outfielder Adam Jones has been vocal about trespassers, saying police should do whatever necessary to get them off the field.


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