Pit Bulls Rescued From Dogfighting Ring Ready For Adoption

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BALTIMORE COUNTY, Md. (WJZ) — A victory for a group of pit bulls rescued from a Baltimore County dogfighting operation. After two years being held as police evidence, most of the dogs known as “the pit six” are ready for adoption.

Kai Jackson explains how the abused dogs were brought back from the brink.

It’s been a long road to recovery for the dogs and the shelter wants them in good homes.

They were all abused dogs, relegated to a life of fighting, torture and pain. After months of rehabilitation, they’re all ready for adoption.

“They were pretty bad. They were probably at the bottom of the scale. Some of these guys didn’t even know how to play,” said volunteer Christine Lando.

Rescuers believe the animals, dubbed “the pit six,” were part of a dogfighting ring in Baltimore. In January, a 37-year-old man was sentenced in Baltimore County Circuit Court to three years in prison for animal cruelty. The case involved these dogs and dated back to 2009. Animal experts suspect the dogs were used as bait or practice targets for dogs training to fight.

“That’s essentially their sole purpose is just as practice for the big fighters,” Lando said.

The Humane Society says all the dogs have been successfully rehabilitated and what they need now are loving homes. Rehabilitation of the dogs took time. Every dog is different and these had a lot to learn.

“What you’ll find with so many of these dogs is they’re just sweet dogs. Many of them are stolen from backyards,” Lando said.

If you are interesting in adopting one of the dogs, call the Baltimore Humane Society at 410-833-8848.

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