DUNDALK, Md. (WJZ)— There was a frightening home invasion Sunday morning in Dundalk. That’s where attackers broke in the back door, shot one man and then stabbed his girlfriend.

Derek Valcourt has more on the victims and the suspects.

There were four people inside that house when two robbers broke in. One of them spoke with WJZ about what she saw.

“It’s pure pain. It’s hurting bad. I’m scared to death,” said the witness, who wants to be identified only as Sharon.

It’s been a traumatic day for Sharon. She was visiting her daughter’s house at 705 Aldworth Road, in the Berkshire neighborhood of Dundalk, when two men burst through the back door shouting.

“[They identified themselves as] Baltimore City police and came running up the steps with a gun and had it on me and her and the one behind him had a knife,” Sharon said.

Before it was all over, the robbers stabbed her 28-year-old daughter, Amy, and shot her daughter’s 30-year-old boyfriend, Justin.

Sharon says the robbers kept asking “Where’s the money?” and demanded their cell phones.

“And I hurried up and I called 911 and the one with the knife saw me and he lunged at me with the knife and my daughter Amy got in between us and she said, `No, you ain’t stabbing my mother!’ and she got in between us and I think that’s how she got stabbed,” Sharon said.

After the stabbing and shooting, neighbors reported seeing the suspects run out of house, down an alley and into a waiting getaway car. Detectives spent the day canvassing the neighborhood. Sharon can only describe the suspects as tall, thin African-American men.

“All dressed in black with a bandanna,” she said.

The whole thing happened in an area loaded with little kids, leaving neighbors appalled.

“It makes me worry for the safety of our children,” said neighbor Shannon Brehm.

“I want them caught so they don’t do it to anyone else,” Sharon said.

The man with the gunshot wound is still in critical condition at Shock Trauma. The stabbed woman was taken to Bayview; she’s expected to survive. The investigation is ongoing.

The couple who live in that home have a young daughter. Fortunately, she was staying with another relative when the whole thing happened.


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