BALTIMORE  (WJZ)– Police are searching for a peeping Tom at a Maryland tourist hot spot.

Weijia Jiang has the very latest on the investigation.

The suspect is accused of using his cell phone to assault a woman in the most unthinkable way.

As Baltimore’s busiest tourist season kicks off, some female visitors are afraid to go to the bathroom after police revealed new information in a peeping Tom case.

“It’s a violation of privacy, it’s sick,” said one visitor.

“That’s just not right.  I think that’s like disrespecting girls,” said another.

Police say last month a 15-year-old girl was using the restroom at the Inner Harbor when she saw someone taking her picture from under the stall.

Harborplace cameras capture the suspect going into the women’s room before the victim and leaving after she ran out.

Though police have not identified the man, they tell WJZ several women have called in to say they know who he is. All of them are giving the same name and all of them say he is “creepy.”

“It’s a little bit shocking, especially since he is probably hanging around here just waiting for another chance to do something like that, ” said Anna Bondy, Baltimore resident.

The disturbing case is unfolding with the string of high-profile crimes downtown.

This week a flash mob of teenagers took over a 7-Eleven on Light Street. In March, groups of fighting teens blocked traffic during the same weekend a tourist was beaten, robbed and stripped naked.

“I’m not putting my head in the sand and saying it doesn’t happen because it does. We’re working on it,” said Ed Hale, chairman of the Baltimore Convention and Tourism Board.

Police recently added more cameras and 50 extra officers to the area.  There will be more eyes to look for the alleged peeper and catch him before he goes on the prowl again.

“I’m sure he’ll get caught because it seems like that type of behavior is something that psychologically he’ll keep doing.” said Diana Chalikov, Baltimore resident.

Police are searching for the man, and he could be charged with sex offenses.

If you have information on this case, you are asked to call the Central District Police at 410-396-2240.


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