It drives me crazy watching LeBron James play ball, I’m not sure what it is. Actually, I know exactly what it is. It’s his stupidity in the way he plays.

As good as he is, and he’s damn good, he should be better. Much better! This dude is the biggest, awesome athlete ever. I’m just saying its like nothing we’ve seen and coupled with his ability too. It’s remarkable, truly. But he seems to disrespect his talents or is maybe shy of them. I can’t think of many reasons he wouldn’t just back guys down, dribble drive for a short pull up jumper or get to the hoop, the line. Anything but some of the garbage he settles for. Settling for bad bailout shots that make me nuts.

Oh man, I dream of having such powers and what I’d do with them. Lebron could be so far beyond every player by just being smart or is it tough. Is he lazy? Is he slow? Does he not care? What type of person with his super human powers wouldn’t try to fly? Can you imagine Superman knowing he can fly and not doing it? That’s freaking Lebron James on the court sometimes, in games… late… when it matters.

What is that?!? I’m going mad. Lebron gets me heated. He should be Superman.

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