By Mike Schuh

HARFORD COUNTY, Md. (WJZ)– Businesses across Maryland are picking up after wicked winds left their mark.

Mike Schuh goes inside some of the worst damage in Harford County.

When people started arriving back at their businesses along the commercial corridor in Bel Air Road, the twisted trees were the least of their troubles.

At a dentist’s office, the roof was blown off, the ceiling fell in, but they say, they had just locked their doors and treated the last patient of the day.

“It was a feeling of shock at first but I was quickly comforted by the fact that no one got hurt,” Alan Scharf, a dentist, said.

A couple of dozen commercial signs on the Bel Air corridor blew out and when the plexiglass shattered, it was very sharp. And the winds were such that it drove part of the sign straight into the side of the nearby car dealership.

A roof now lying near an auto repair shop used to belong to a building a few blocks away. Also in the same lot, the pickup bed lying on the ground belonged to a truck parked there.

The auto dealership got enough water inside that they’ve had to bring special dehumidifying equipment in to help dry the business out.

The winds were so strong there that it took one of their SUVs and threw it through the fence.


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