BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Every year, thousands of disabled people in Maryland find themselves being denied benefits from federal, state and local governments.

Mike Schuh reports one family found success with the Maryland Disability Law Center in Hampden.

The lives of Crystal and Stan Mobley are different than the average American. Their son, Maurice, suffers from frequent violent seizures.

The seizures started when he was just an infant. He was developmentally fine until he was about three and a half months old.

The seizures prevented his brain from developing.  Maurice is full-grown physically, but his thoughts are still similar to those of an infant.

“You deal with and accept the hand you’re dealt in life,” Crystal Mobley, Maurice’s mom, said.

The state agreed to provide schooling, medical assistance and nursing care in their home until Maurice’s 21st birthday.

“That makes a huge difference,” Stan Mobley said.

In-home nursing allows both Crystal and Stan to have jobs.

“Without the assistance we’ve gotten we would not be able to have a life,” Crystal said.

However, at 21, the state told the Mobley family they no longer needed a nurse.  Stan thought he may have to quit working to take care of his son.

“It’s frustrating because this never ends,” Stan said. “This is our life.”

Friends told them to come to the Maryland Disability Law Center in Hampden.

“He was simply asking to keep what he had,” Shari Fleming, attorney at the Maryland Disability Law Center, said.

Fleming knows the system.

“It’s just too overwhelming,” she said.

So few parents can successfully navigate the bureaucracy. Thanks to the Law Center the Mobleys are able to keep their nurse and Stan and Crystal can keep their jobs.

Stan says he’s very satisfied.

“Things are probably as normal as they can be for us,” he said.

On Thursday night the Law Center will hold a fundraiser at the Visionary Art Museum.  WJZ’S Adam May will emcee the event.

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