BALTIMORE COUNTY, Md. (WJZ) — The outraged mother of a teen killed in an altercation with an off-duty Baltimore County officer wants that officer off the streets tonight, but police say they need more time to complete their investigation. Mike Hellgren has the mom’s plea for answers.

“I don’t know what they think I’m dealing with, but I think I’ve dealt with quite enough,” said Chris Brown’s mother.

Chris Brown’s mom broke down. She’s frustrated and angry that, after almost two weeks, no charges have been filed against off-duty Baltimore County officer James Laboard, who police say chased down her son after he believed the 17-year-old threw a rock at his door. The teen died in the confrontation.

“If it was the average Joe Blow or if Christopher killed that police officer, he would actually be behind bars right now,” his mother said. “I would love to have paid for his door because there’s no money or nothing that can replace my son.”

Police tell WJZ they want to be thorough and it does take more time because an officer is involved.

“Because he was not on duty at the time of the incident, we have to look at the facts and determine whether he was acting in his capacity as an officer or not,” said Elise Armacost, Baltimore County Police.

Ms. Brown says she no longer has faith in the department’s investigation and wants federal authorities to step in.

The state’s attorney issued a statement saying, “Although it can be frustrating to all involved, thorough investigations take time…to do the job properly, we cannot rush the process.”

“That’s not enough for me. This is where I draw the line,” Brown’s mom said.

Police say there’s no timetable for the investigation. The officer is paid routine administrative leave.

“This is a very serious matter and it’s not something that can be turned around overnight,” Armacost said.

“My son has been put to rest and nothing’s done,” Brown said.

There has been no comment from the Fraternal Order of Police, Officer Laboard or his attorney.


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