Marketing Campaign Asks Baltimoreans To Share Their Love For The City

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BALTIMORE (WJZ)– If you live in Baltimore and you love it, now is the time to share your story.

Mike Schuh reports on a new campaign to spread the word that Baltimore is a great place to be.

In the hustle and bustle that is city life, everyday people have a story to tell.

“It has a lot of things going for itself. It really does,” Mike McKevver of Staten Island said.

So what if a civic group let people tell their own stories unfiltered? What do you love about Baltimore?

“I love that the mayor of Baltimore is holding a campaign where students 18 and under can have access to free breakfast,” Banke Adenaji said.

Good! Now, what if you didn’t tell that story to WJZ but to everyone on the web?

“I’m Steve Gondol, the executive director of Live Baltimore.”

Gondol and his people came up with this:

“The new biggest idea is our newest campaign: What we love. We’re trying to tap into the best marketers in the city, and that is the residents,” he said.

Take a picture, hash tag it “bmorewhatwelove.” And boom! It’s up on the web.

Kevin says he loves walking to Ravens games. Bridgette says she loves her little rowhouse. And Naomi says she loves playing with her friends in the little grassy area.

Schuh: “Being an open campaign, it seems to me you’re taking somewhat of a risk.”
Gondol: “Possibly but the people of Baltimore are great and they have a great sense of humor, great stories to tell.”
Schuh: “Are there any submissions that have stood out in your mind?”
Gondol: “Yes, Phylicia from Reservoir Hill lost her cat and neighbors rallied around her, found the cat and that is what makes city life great for her.”

This isn’t a contest, there isn’t a prize but remember you have until August to make your submissions.

To tell your story, click here.

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