Steve Davis: Super Bowl Or Hall Of Fame?

It’s been a great debate the last few days because of some comments made by Ladanian Tomlinson.

LT just retired, and said he’d rather be in the hall than win a ring. A lot of people have criticized him as being selfish, because that’s an individual award and football is a team sport, and the greatest accomplishment for a team is to win a title. I actually think most people would lean LT’s way, although they might not admit it.

The poster child for this case: whose career would you rather have, Trent Dilfer or Dan Marino? Anyone that says Dilfer is full of it. Dilfer was on a team that won a title, but Marino is considered one of the ten greatest QBs ever. He made more money, received more accolades and is in higher regard.

Here’s how I look at it: 60 or so guys win a Super Bowl every year, 6 or 7 or 8 go to the Hall. It’s harder to get in the Hall of Fame.

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