From mid-morning onward, any leftover clouds will break for plenty of sunshine, and Friday afternoon will be hot and more humid than recent days.

Temperatures should be close to 100, and the uptick in the humidity will make it “Feel Like” it’s around 105 in
some places, except right near the Bay and along the Eastern Shore. After Friday morning’s warm front “does its dirty work” and brings a few showers, storms and more humid air to the Northeast and the mid-Atlantic states, a poor excuse for a cool front that’ll be pressing southeastward should reach the coastal plain by early evening. This boundary isn’t expected to be strong enough to trigger any additional showers or thunderstorms — in fact, the only thing that it will effectively do is cause a wind shift, and this will cause the dewpoints to lower a bit. Or, in other words, there should be a reduction in the humidity so minimal that it won’t be very noticeable. The balance of the night will be warm under a clear to partly cloudy sky. Another shower and thunderstorm complex is being forecasted by the models to flare up Friday evening along the periphery of a very strong ridge of high pressure. That high pressure system will prolong some recent stifling, triple-digit heat in the Tennessee and Kentucky, just to name a few states. Assuming these showers and thunderstorms pass by well to the south and west of the Philadelphia area Friday night (most will be impacting areas south of the Mason-Dixon Line, in fact), we’ll have to wait until later Saturday afternoon and Saturday night to get a few more showers and a thunderstorm or two.

While we await those, Saturday will be another hot day with temperatures in the mid and upper 90s, and no less than partial sunshine. We must keep an eye out for additional complexes of showers and heavier thunderstorms forming to our north and west Saturday night and Sunday. Timing when these will impact the Eastern Seaboard from nearly 48 hours away is a very difficult task, but we’ll need to address these during the second half of the upcoming weekend, as well as some more hot and humid weather. Most temperatures will trend lower early next week, but it will probably still be in the lower 90s on Monday with the chance for a couple of showers and a thunderstorm… Have a good weekend !!!


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