Stephen Strasburg is the real deal.  A number one overall pick that is living up to all the hype.  There is no doubt about it.  And the sky seems to be the limit for his future.  The Nationals are so concerned with his future that they announced prior to the season that Strasburg is on an innings limit.  They proclaimed they would shut him down, regardless of team standing and playoff positioning.  Well the Nationals are in first place in the NL East and poised for a run to the post-season.  GM Mike Rizzo is sticking to his guns and maintain he is shutting Strasburg down.  Good for him.

The All-Star rosters are out.  And guess whose 9-3 record, whose 2.81 ERA and whose 122 K’s got selected to be on the National League team?  That’s right, Stephen Strasburg!  So let me get this straight … you have him on an innings limit and a pitch count each game, yet he is going to pitch in the EXHIBITION All-Star Game??!? If I am a fan of the Nationals, I am not happy!  So when we need him in September, he won’t be available, but he will be available to pitch in the All-Star Game??!?  I get the honor that is the All-Star Game.  I don’t want to take that away from Strasburg, but you can’t tell me that you will allow him to pitch in a game that doesn’t matter, but won’t allow him to pitch in a game that does matter!  It’s just a mixed message to a fan base that has a lot to cheer for right now.  Imagine if they allow him to pitch in the All-Star Game, and then shut him down in late August and collapse and miss the playoffs.  Just imagine.


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