In all fairness, I am a baseball guy.  I love everything about the game. So please excuse my bias, but I tune into all of baseball’s mid-summer classic festivities.  The Home Run Derby and the All-Star Game itself are great events to me.  Sure the Home Run Derby could go quicker and maybe there are more things that can make it interesting, but do we really need to fix something that isn’t all that broken?  I enjoy the moonshot-home runs that leave the yard.  I enjoy the players reaction to watching it.  Sure the All-Star Game itself doesn’t need to decide home-field advantage in the playoffs, but I find it hard to believe that managers really manage all that different now, than they did before. These guys always want to win.

It’s troublesome to me that fans today can never be satisfied.  The more they get, the more they want.  For 70-plus years, there was very little noise made about the game and the events.  All of a sudden nothing is ever good enough.  Well, if you are like me, a fan of the game no matter what, you know that tonight’s game is as good as it gets!  Sit back and enjoy it!


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