I’m off to Florida for vacation and I wont be back for 10 days. I’m writing my three wishes for when I come back to talk sports. I’m going to drive 18 hours in a car with my wife and two  kids, so these are three  sports related events that I want to be talking positively about next Monday.

First, I hope the Kevin Gausman issue is handled. The Orioles cant afford to have their first overall pick go back to college. They are at a point now, where it feels like, they are moving in the right direction. To allow him to walk would be a huge black eye for the team.

My second wish is for the Orioles to still be above .500. I know football is looming right around the corner, but I am enjoying talking baseball. Not just baseball, but playoff baseball, and finally being buyers at the trade deadline.

I cant wait for football, which brings me to my third wish. I wish to see Ray Rice in training camp with his franchise tender signed. I don’t think this will be an issue, but if it is, Ill have to deal with more complaining than i did for my 36 hour round trip. If these 3 things are taken care of, then ill be a happy man when i get back to work.


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