The temperature of 104 at BWI Wednesday equaled the maximum temperature on July 7, and broke the previous record for the date.

This makes FOUR DAYS this month that the temperature has reached 100 or greater at this location, and the SIXTH TIME this season (it happened on June 21 and 29).

Thursday, there’s a slow-moving cold front that is still in the process of sagging into northern Maryland, and it will probably only push as far south as northern Virginia by the evening. Therefore, we’re expecting “some relief” from the excessive heat Thursday and Friday, although most highs will still be in the lower 90s Thursday afternoon, especially if there’s enough sunshine.

Daytime heating will “activate” the front and it will enhance some shower and thunderstorm coverage Thursday and Friday. In fact, if a low pressure system does tend to form along this front in the Ohio Valley, it may very well cause what could simply be described as “a few hours of steady rain.” If so, this certainly will help with the rainfall deficit we’ve been building over the past two months.

The departing wave of low pressure and deteriorating front draped over the mid-Atlantic states will probably cause a couple of additional showers and a thunderstorm Friday night into Saturday, but the overall rainfall totals should be substantially less than what we’re expecting Friday (a general 0.50″ -1.00″). Sunday should be a rain-free day, and then it’ll heat up a bit early next week with a couple of thunderstorms possible Monday and Tuesday.

Have a good day !!!


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