Ravens Defensive Back Lardarius Webb joined the Glenn Younes Show to preview the upcoming season.

Webb said that last year they coming up short on their goal of winning the Super Bowl pushed him to work harder in the off-season.

“That’s why when the season ended I went back to work. I said, ‘I didn’t make the pro-bowl. I didn’t make All-Pro; my team didn’t go to the Super bowl. I have a lot of things that I can improve on so let’s work harder than I did last year,’” he said.

Webb got into how he thinks that the Ravens secondary has the potential to be the best in business and that he and Jimmy Smith believe that they are two Pro Bowl caliber CBs on the same team.

“We were [working out] every morning because we believed that me and Jimmy that we’re two, pro-bowl corners on the same team,” he said.

Webb also had nothing but good things to say about the Ravens new Defensive Coordinator, Dean Pees.

“He’s like the greatest, smartest coach ever. He’s going to stay aggressive, he’s going to be a Raven in a smarter way,” he said.

Listen to the full interview HERE:

Webb also talked about the conditioning test and how it is the hardest test he has ever taken and that it was no surprise that rookie OLD Courtney Upshaw failed on the first try.

“As a rookie, if you’ve never ran that test before, it’s the hardest test that I ever did. It’s a 150 yards. You run to the 25 [yard line] and back three times. It’s not even making you tired, its just your legs give out,” he said.



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