Need your help on this one… Help me understand a couple angles to this Penn St story.

“It’s not a NCAA issue” is what some say. I say they sacrificed young boys for the sake of saving face for football. How can it not be a NCAA issue? Because it didn’t happen on the field? I don’t know what that means. Because it wasn’t a recruiting violation? OK, whatever you want to fabricate to try to bash the NCAA, but this is about Penn St. And the second you lose sight of that you lose the argument.

There will be plenty of time and opportunity to find fault with the NCAA. The Penn St scandal is beyond any preexisting grudge one may have with the NCAA.

Angle 2: “Why are people even attempting to defend PSU”. I hear people defending different sides of the Penn St story and I’m not even sure what to make of that. What’s the reason behind trying to help them save face? Any thoughts? Because I’ve pegged it as an effort in futility from the start. This scandal is so bad, why even try? Plus, why would you want to defend them, let alone actually try? I don’t get it.

Here’s the deal. I’ll sum things up. The Penn St scandal, coverup, molestation worst thing ever story is about as bad as it will ever get. It’s sports and beyond – times a thousand. So anything that they got hit with is what it is… Just a little payback, because they’ll never be able to take back what they did to those innocent kids.

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