COLLEGE PARK, Md. (WJZ) — A musician almost killed in the Colorado movie theater shooting is talking about her future.

Adam May reports she’s planning to move to Maryland.

Petra Anderson’s recovery from the Colorado movie massacre is nothing short of amazing. The musician is already walking and discussing her plans to attend the University of Maryland for graduate school this fall.

Her family expects a full recovery.

Petra was shot four times. One bullet that entered her brain crossed the part controlling speech, language and memory. Her doctor said, “Had the pellet wavered a millimeter in any direction, she would have likely died.”

“My sister’s hospital bills on top of that are making the financial reality look pretty daunting,” said Petra’s sister, Chloe.

While the country was still in shock, Petra’s sister Chloe launched a fundraising campaign, revealing their mother is battling cancer.

“So that’s why we’re reaching out to you, the people who have already asked us what can you do to help, so that we don’t have to choose between my sister’s care and my mother’s treatment,” Chloe said.

People have already donated more than $250,000 so both mother and daughter can continue treatment.

“You can give evil the last word and the setbacks and the disasters. You can let them destroy you or you can take it back,” Chloe said.

Anderson was accepted to a music composition teaching post at College Park.


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