We’ve seen some illegal and unsavory events take place in the history of sports that have broken the hearts of some fans and justified the suspicions of others.

Let’s go back to the 1919 Chicago White Sox throwing the World Series. That was a story that rocked and almost killed baseball.

In 1951, the University of Kentucky was involved in a point shaving scandal that eventually led to the Wildcats having to cancel their 1952-53 basketball season.

How many fights have we seen in boxing over the years that have reeked of injustice?

And who can forget Tony shaving points at Western University in the movie Blue Chips. Tony’s actions crushed the spirit of his coach Pete Bell.

At the 2012 Olympics, we have more controversy.

Eight badminton players have been punted from competition for purposely trying to lose in order to improve their positions for the next round of the event.

The players, hailing from China, South Korea and Indonesia, were cited by the Badminton World Federation for “conducting oneself in a manner that is clearly abusive or detrimental to the sport.”

The players were tanking it so bad that BBC announcers said during the broadcast that both teams were trying to lose.

Unfortunately, sports and real life often intertwine and we can’t always have fun just talking about the events on the field, court or diamond.

Now the egregiousness has reached badminton.

Is nothing sacred any more?



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