Brittany Ghiroli of, talked to Ed Norris and Steve Davis, of the Norris and Davis Show about the recent MLB trade deadline.

Ghiroli had predicted that Philadelphia Phillies Pitcher, Joe Blanton, would be traded to the Orioles, but said he stayed with the Phillies because of his price tag.

“In the end they couldn’t agree on the money, on the prospects, and the [Orioles] felt that three million dollars, the entirety of Joe Blanton’s salary the last two months or so, he wasn’t enough o an upgrade to justify that,” she said.

The Phillies other pitcher, Cliff Lee, was also shopped around before the deadline, and Ghiroli said his price tag was just too high for most teams.

“Not a lot of teams have that kind of money at this point in the season. When you look at salaries and caps and things like that, that’s a substantial chunk of money, not just for the Orioles, but for most teams,” she said.

Ghiroli also commented on Orioles Catcher, Matt Wieters, and his lack of production at bat.

“I think he’s tired. He’ll never admit it. I’m just convinced if you gave him more rest you would see that offense and those numbers go right back up,” she said.

Orioles Second Baseman, Brian Roberts, opted to have season ending hip surgery, and Ghiroli said the Orioles might decide to part ways with him after this season.

“I don’t think he can be in the plans next year. I don’t think you can rely on him. I think if you’re the Orioles you have to to go out and look at the market and get a who can get on base and start your order,” she said.

-Sarah Davis


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