It was interesting that Cundiff was booed at Saturday’s scrimmage at M & T Bank on Saturday. I think fans need to get over it. That said, the Ravens are taking a risk.

The first game conditions will be Thursday, but it’s pre-season and doesn’t count. We really won’t know how he’ll handle the AFC Championship miss until the regular season starts. It’s unlikely he doesn’t miss any field goals, so the Ravens are running a risk with Cundiff that when he does miss, people will wonder: did he just miss or did he choke? I don’t think he has a long enough track record where we can assume that he will be fine the next time he is in the kind of pressure situation he was last year.

The flip side is: do you want to turn your potential Super Bowl team over to a rookie kicker who has never been in these situations? I don’t think so, but Tucker has looked good so far.


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