The Orioles continue to defy baseball logic.  They continue to win at an unexpected pace.  They continue to be in the playoff race and in the AL East division race. And yet, when the Orioles come back to one of the nicest parks in all of the sport, the fans don’t seem to fill it.  The Birds can’t seem to draw fans back to Camden Yards.  They keep winning and fans aren’t coming to see it live.  Line up the myriad of excuses … walk-up fee, hate Peter Angelos, traffic downtown, they need to win more first, tickets too expensive, etc.  They all don’t matter.  Camden Yards will be packed with 47,000 strong come October 4th (if they are playing in Baltimore).  Have no fear about that.  What matters right now is that fans are paying attention.  They are wearing more orange than purple these days.  They are still the front story in the Baltimore Sun – not who the Ravens 4th linebacker is going to be.  What matters is that people care about this team.  They are calling radio stations, writing emails and sending in text messages.  What matters is the passion is back.  And if the Orioles can keep it back, and build on it for next year and the following seasons, people will return to Camden Yards in due time.


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