BALTIMORE COUNTY, Md. (WJZ) — Heavy storms across the area brought more than rain and a little bit of hail. An unusual sight for people across eastern Baltimore County–they saw a large waterspout.

Adam May reports.

From Sparrow’s Point to Middle River, WJZ viewers snapped pictures of a large waterspout moving across the Back River in eastern Baltimore County.

“We saw this waterspout… It went as far as we could see, way up into the clouds,” said Mike Giordano of Millers Island.

Mark Greggs grabbed his cell phone, and recorded video near Millers Island. The waterspout spun for about 15 seconds before it went back up into the clouds.

“It was pretty wild, never seen anything like it around here,” Greggs said.

His girlfriend says another one almost formed.

“Right next to that, a really big cloud started twisting together. If it would have been a tornado it would have been huge. It looked crazy, I was getting scared,” Casey Warner said.

No other spouts have been confirmed and no damage was reported.


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