Well,  so much for my idea of Thursday being dry.

A weak short wave caused a band of showers to develop predawn out to the west while some heavier showers and thunderstorms rode in from the southwest later in the morning.

That short wave will move to the east Thursday afternoon, so think most of the action shifts over to the Eastern Shore area.

Another disturbance up near Lake Erie will cause some thunderstorms to develop in northern Pennsylvania on Thursday  afternoon and one of those could work down into the local area Thursday night and Friday.

In the longer term we are more accepting of the faster idea for the weekend now that the models have shown the same idea for a couple of days in a row. So with that trend we’re making Sunday brighter but still allowing for a shower or thunderstorm.

The precipitation with the front will probably be over by daybreak Sunday, but we will still be dealing with the upper trough coming in behind it and that could kick up a shower or thunderstorm and the best chance for that is probably in the afternoon and evening. Either way it is not likely to be a real rainy day overall.

After that we are looking good for a few days.


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