A decent amount of sunshine for a while Friday morning is expected to mix with high and mid level clouds in the afternoon.

Light winds out of the south and southwest which we’re expecting Friday afternoon should push most temperatures into the lower 80s.

In most cases, actual high temperatures Friday afternoon will be pretty close to what verified Thursday.

On Friday night, a cool front which is currently causing some shower activity in the Great Lakes region will waste no time pressing into the Northeast. We’ve been talking about this boundary all week, and there were some timing-related tweaks done with our forecasts over the past 48 hours.

The big takeaway points that we want to get across are: This next front will be moving so quickly that it won’t have a lot of time to gather much moisture as it reaches areas east of the Appalachians late Friday. So, there will probably be a couple of widely separated showers occurring across the region. Rainfall amounts will average less than a tenth of an inch, with some places only getting a trace of rain. Any lingering clouds Saturday morning should break for a decent amount of sunshine.

While Saturday and Sunday should be progressively cooler, most daytime temperatures will still be in the mid and upper 70s, and not very far from typical levels for mid-September. The next ridge of high pressure building into the region Saturday night and Sunday morning will be sinking to the south on Sunday afternoon. It looks as if Sunday will be the sunniest of the two days this weekend.


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