Former Ravens running back Jamal Lewis joined The Norris & Davis Show on Baltimore’s 105-7 THE FAN to talk about being inducted into the team’s ‘Ring of Honor.’

Lewis said, ‘It’s just a great deal to be honored by Steve Bisciotti and the organization and them recognizing me for my accomplishments.’   The Super Bowl winning back credits his start as a Raven to general manager, Ozzie Newsome, who showed confidence in Lewis and took a chance on the young player after appearing in only 26 college games.

When asked about the numerous concussions the former player sustained during his time in Baltimore, Lewis admitted to having some symptoms here and there and is worried about the long term effects of his injuries but he has continued to live life day-to-day and is trying to enjoy retirement with his family.

As a former running back, Lewis gave his thoughts about criticism from Ravens fans surrounding the loss Sunday to the Philadelphia Eagles.  A loss a lot of fans feel was due in large part to the team limiting use of Ray Rice.  Lewis said the game plan was most likely predetermined, ‘It’s a team game and you have to go with how the chips fall.’

Lewis said players do have a right to speak up on the sidelines if they are unhappy with how the game is being played but it is important for players not to overstep boundries.  ‘It takes both players and coaches to win a football game.’ 
Editor’s note: Dana the intern wrote this article as part of her educational experience.


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