I have been talking about the potential impact of the replacement officials for weeks now. My position has always been that the owners are on the wrong side of this and they are destroying a great product, while basically flipping off the fans.

The NFL is deemed to be so strong that it is impervious to almost anything…even this. Well, I’ve always held that these men ( the replacement officials) are simply not qualified for the job they are doing and will alter the natural course of the NFL season.

Well, it didn’t take long. Monday night’s touchdown call that gave Seattle the win over Green Bay showed exactly what I have been talking about. I had picked both of these teams to go to the post season and now the Seahawks appear to have won a game they didn’t deserve and the Packers have lost a game they appear to have won. What if the playoffs are impacted by this game ? How many more will go this way before this mess is corrected? This is a serious issue and if not fixed immediately will make this a season that goes into the record books with an asterisk next to it.

It’s a shame that a business that basically prints its own money can’t seem to correct a problem that is destroying the most popular sport in America. SMH


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