The stalled front which brought us several rounds of rain the last few days has temporarily been pushed off to the south of us. It has put us on the drier, cooler, northern side of the front. We only managed a high of 70 degrees this afternoon. That is back below the average of 73 degrees (drops to 72 degrees tomorrow). However, with the front still so close and another little disturbance coming in from the northwest, we did see plenty of clouds with the sunshine.

Temperatures are going to drop into the 40s overnight, before only recovering to near 70 again tomorrow afternoon. Clouds will also limit sunshine, and there may even be a couple of late-day showers developing out of those clouds. Even though that disturbance will leave tomorrow night, the stalled southern front is going to come right back up to the north starting Monday.

Clouds will take over again on Monday, but it looks like the rain should hold off until late in the day or at night. Rain and maybe even a thunderstorm is possible Monday night, Tuesday, and possibly into early Wednesday before getting out of here. This southern storm is not only going to bring some rain with it, it will bring back warmer air. Highs will creep back to the 70s Tuesday, then top out in the 80s Wednesday.

We are watching for another front to come down from the northwest late in the week or weekend. It may fizzle out before even getting here, but we will keep you updated.


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