BALTIMORE (WJZ)—Frequent flyers may soon be able to get through security at BWI a lot faster. The airport is the latest to launch a new TSA prescreening program.

Monique Griego has more on how it works.

This new TSA program would let frequent flyers bypass the normal security line and a lot of the hassles that come with it.

For many travelers, airport security is a necessary evil.

“It’s kind of a hassle, having to take your shoes, belt and that kind of thing,” one traveler said.

“Just delay after delay after delay. It just gets frustrating. Nobody likes to wait in line,” said Ray Rehfield, frequent flyer.

And soon frequent flyers like Rehfield won’t have to.

In just a few weeks, BWI will be the latest airport to launch TSA Pre Program, which allows frequent flyers to sign up for expedited security benefits.

“For example, have a dedicated security lane. They would be able to pass through checkpoints without removing their laptops from their bags, without removing their shoes. So it’s obviously a benefit for travelers,” said Jonathan Dean, BWI spokesman.

Right now, U.S. Airways, Delta and United Airlines are participating in the program.

They’ve already started pre-screening passengers who are eligible.

“I think it would make flying less stressful,” one traveler said.

While flyers jumped at the idea of bypassing the regular security line, they were still concerned about safety.

Dean says that won’t be compromised.

“There are a number of random security procedures that would continue to occur despite the program,” Dean said.

Hearing that, most passengers were on board.

“If they do enough background checks I don’t have a problem,” a passenger said.

“As long as they maintain that then I think it will be great,” Rehfield said.

TSA Pre begins at BWI in mid-November.

Many other airports are already using the pre screening program, including LaGuardia, LAX and Dulles. At BWI, the TSA Pre Program will run through security checkpoint “D.”

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