Sure it was disappointing when Jeremy Hellickson and the Rays bullpen shutdown the Orioles bats, and that Longoria guy with his 3 dongs, so no baseball in Baltimore Friday. Instead the Orioles Buckle Up and take the post season show to Texas. Lets get real, instead of sulking and worrying about the quiet Oriole bats the dangerous Rangers bats or the right arm of you know Yu, stop and remind yourself the ORIOLES ARE IN THE POSTSEASON!!!!

The sorry bunch that lost 93 games last year has won 93 this year. This 2012 team has climbed out of the franchise’s 14 year black-hole. The Orioles are playing with house money and should be as loose as the kids playing in the backyard. The Rangers are the 2-time defending American League champs for a reason and if the Orioles win then it’s the Yankees who are even better. If you don’t believe me just ask the Yankee fans. What I’m getting at is all these teams have passed the test to be the best after 162 games and have earned their spot to play for the big trophy.

The Orioles have won more road games than any team in the American League winning one more in Texas, why not! Yu Darvish has been very good in September but he was awful in July and August, I bet he can lose in October.

This is a special Orioles team, Buck has a blend of teenagers and 42 year-olds that won 16 straight extra inning games (11 of those on the road). Jones, Wieters and Johnson are all-stars the rest are just our guys, players whose sum is greater than their parts. Take that house money and double-down with some Texas Hold’em.

And if you play your cards right we”ll see you Sunday night at The Yard. And if the long winding road ends in Arlington, thanks for one of the best summer’s of our baseball lives.


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