By Mike Hellgren

OCEAN CITY, Md. (WJZ) –Superstorm Sandy battered Ocean City but didn’t destroy the town.

Mike Hellgren has the latest.

The mayor said the dunes really did what they were supposed to do. He said the damage to the beach wasn’t as bad as it could have been. Officials had an emergency response plan and they stuck to it.

All roads in Ocean City have reopened.

Water from a seven-foot storm surge covered some streets in downtown Ocean City and debris littered the inlet. The cleanup began at daybreak Tuesday.

“From what my boss told me, the water was up a foot to two feet high,” said David Demarest.

Sandy left her mark around town in some original ways, including a boat that floated around four blocks and parked between two mobile homes without scratching either one.

“It floated up the canal, up the boat ramp, made a right turn, then a left turn and then a right turn,” said John Shivery.

The storm hammered some landmarks, ripping off more than 100 feet of the fishing pier and ripping apart the Fager’s Island gazebo.

“Nothing like this before,” said Ron Bates. “It’s destroyed everything.”

“We’ve had absolutely no injuries as a result of this storm and I think that’s the most important thing,” said Mayor Rick Meehan.

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For some, the cleanup will go on for days. The bay side got the most damage. Macky’s on the water looks more like an island.

“Macky and I had tears in our eyes because we thought there’d be more damage but I think it’s looking pretty good,” said Pam Stansell. “We’re very fortunate.”

Despite the storm, Ocean City leaders expect the community to be almost back to normal within 24 hours. Sandy delivered a blow but not a knockout punch.

“This kind of stuff can be replaced,” Stansell said.

Photo Gallery: Tracking Hurricane Sandy

A dollar amount of the damages has not been reported.


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