BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Emergency workers in New York and New Jersey are asking for help from fellow first responders. One special medic team from Baltimore is on the way.

As Gigi Barnett reports, the 10-day trip calls for plenty of medical supplies.

It will take weeks to clean up the damage and destruction in New Jersey, left behind by Sandy. As New Jersey Governor Chris Christie gets federal funds to rebuild, first responders are asking for reinforcements from emergency workers in other states.

From Baltimore, a medic strike team is loading up and answering the call.

“That’s what we do. We step in where things are bad and worse and we do what we can to help,” said Dale Blackwell, a Baltimore paramedic.

The team will take a lengthy trip to New Jersey and spend 10 days or more in the state helping in any and every way they can. And they’ll take only what’s needed, mostly medicine.

“I’m happy to help. I’m very grateful because it could have been us easily, and they would be helping us,” said Baltimore paramedic Steven Magus.

But now it’s Baltimore’s turn to send the help.

The Baltimore team is one of 10 medic units working on a strike force in New Jersey.


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