I’ve heard all of the references of winning ugly since the Baltimore Ravens defeated the Cleveland Browns 25-15 on Sunday. I get it, I know what’s meant when that’s said but I also know that winning is the National Football League is very difficult. Just ask the teams who can’t string together winning records and there are plenty of them.

I’m not a Ravens apologist but I’m not going to apologize for a 10-point win on the road against a divisional opponent either. They have business that needs to be taken care of and I’m sure they’ll acknowledge that, but it’s easier to work on those issues when you’re in front of the pack rather than chasing them.

The Ravens defense gave up 100 yards to another running back in Trent Richardson but they also forced two turnovers and did not have any of their own.

Are they as good as their record indicates? I don’t know how to quantify that. In sports, you are what your record says you are, especially halfway through the season. They are undefeated in their division and 5-1 in the AFC.

I’m not here to declare the Baltimore Ravens as the best team in the conference, the Houston Texans have already proven that, but I do believe that they are still in the conversation.

Rob Long


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