Steve Davis: Why Doesn’t 6-2 Feel So Great?

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Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

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The Ravens are 6-2, second best record in the AFC. At the halfway point, they have a better record than they did during their Super Bowl year.

That said, there seem to be far more questions than there normally would be about a team on pace to go 12-4 for the second straight year. I think it’s because they only have 2 impressive wins, over the Bengals and over the Patriots. The other 4 wins were closer than they needed to be, and games they could have lost. Remember, most games turn on a couple plays, and thus, could be qualified as games you “could have lost.”

The concern is, where can the Ravens get better. It just doesn’t seem like they’re poised to improve much on defense. They’ve been drastically affected by injuries: season enders to Lewis and Webb, no Suggs for 6 games, and Ngata is clearly hindered. Plus, the loss of Johnson and Redding looks like the players that replaced them aren’t up to snuff. Here’s a reality check. The Ravens, with only 13 sacks, are on pace for their lowest sack total ever. I did the numbers. Even less than the bad defense years of 1996, 97 and 98.

The offense has been inconsistent, particularly on the road. I think the Ravens are in a great position at 6-2. But I also am concerned that they don’t like as good as their record says they are.

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