The weather pattern is still expected to be very kind to us over the next few days.

A high pressure system that will be promoting some much warmer than normal weather in the central Plains states later Friday and Saturday will be drifting eastward during the next 72 hours. Therefore, our warmest day in Baltimore will probably occur on Monday. However, Veterans Day on Sunday should almost be every bit as nice with sunshine for the most part.

Temperatures will probably be no higher than the mid or upper 50s today, but it will be in the 60s Saturday and Sunday.

There is going to be a cold front marching eastward across the Appalachians on Tuesday. It’s a bit too soon to tell if temperatures around here on Tuesday will start off in the 60s and then begin falling in the afternoon.

We can see a few different scenarios because if the day starts off cloudy, or if there is some rain at the very beginning, temperatures may be no higher than the 50s. We’ll have plenty of time to iron out those details over the next couple of days.

Have a good weekend!


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