If it’s true the asking price for Josh Hamilton is dropping, and he might be able to be had for four years, the Orioles should be in the mix.

7 years, no way. 4 years is worth the risk to get a player of Hamilton’s caliber. Yeah, I get it, there’s risk with him, more than with some guys. But, are you in it to win it or not. I don’t want to hear about the Orioles not being able to afford it. They outspent everyone in the mid-90’s, and back then they didn’t have their own cable network, which probably gives them an extra $50 million or so more than other middle market teams.

Peter Angelos is in his 80’s. I don’t believe owners have to spend out of their pockets, but I do believe they want to win. His window to enjoy this club isn’t the same as Steve Bisciotti. I hope he goes for it. And that means taking some risks.


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