Dave Elfin of 106.7 TheFan in D.C. joins Scott & Jeremy on the Scott Garceau Show to talk about the Washington Redskins and to preview the game this Sunday between them and the Baltimore Ravens.  Elfin began talking about how well the Redskins have played in the past few games and that Robert Griffin III has showed that he can play like a veteran when in clutch time during a game.  He then explained the flaw for the Redskins on the defensive side of the ball and that most teams need to beat them through the air.  He also explained that since everyone is focused so much on RGIII, they have looked past Alfred Morris and he believes this running back is the key to the Redskins success in the future.  Finally, he explained that this season is already a success for Washington because they already have more wins than they did all of last season, so the playoffs would just be the gravy on top.


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