Yes, sunshine returned Tuesday, along with gusty winds.  Even with the winds out of the northwest, it was warm.  Our average high is 44 degrees.  We topped out at 59 degrees with 60s across the south.  The mild air is going to stick around for about another day before we have big changes on that front.  With sunshine and less wind Wednesday, we will still be in the mid 50s.

A new storm moves our way Thursday. This storm will produce snow and a blizzard in the Midwest to severe weather across the south.  For us, it will be in the form of rain Thursday, then wind Friday and Saturday.  Wind gusts will be over 40 mph with highs closer to the average.  But when you factor in the wind, highs will feel more like they are in the 30s.

There is some talk about a storm around Christmas.  There will likely be something moving across the United States next Tuesday and Wednesday, but it’s still a little unclear to see if it will stay across the south or cut up through the Appalachian.  We will keep you updated on this.


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