By Mike Schuh

LAUREL, Md. (WJZ) — A school scare in Prince George’s County. Officials are searching for answers in Laurel after a student makes a threat against a high school there.

Mike Schuh reports the student from Laurel High School has been admitted to a hospital for psychiatric evaluation after plotting what authorities are calling a “potential violent incident.”

Students at Laurel High School, their parents and staff are breathing a sigh of relief after authorities stop what they believe could have been a tragic event at the school.

“He wanted to harm people, possibly shoot and do some harm to folks. There were some lists, diagrams, charts, things like that, so that really gave credibility to the seriousness of the situation,” said Pete Piringer, Laurel City Police.

The unidentified student was located by police on Monday.  He wasn’t at school, but shortly after police caught up with him, he was taken to a local hospital for a psychiatric evaluation.

As of late Tuesday, he was still being held at that hospital.

Piringer says this is a classic case of “see something, say something.”

“It really started with the students’ observations and willingness to come forward, tell someone of authority, a teacher,” he said. “Security got involved and we believe that that action prevented a pretty serious situation.”

Authorities say they don’t believe the plan was inspired by the events in Newtown, Conn.  They think this was already in the works when this happened.  But they also say the Sandy Hook tragedy and the tensions many are feeling because of it may have led to authorities being tipped off by the students.

“It may have helped because there is a heightened awareness and sensitivity to it,” said Piringer.

Piringer also says the student’s parents told school officials the student may have access to weapons.

Police say the student alleged he would do harm to others, and the drawings and lists about the attack were then found in his locker.

There is still no word on a motive behind the planned attack.


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