(Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

(Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

I hear a lot of people saying that Ravens v. Patriots in the AFC Championship game rematch had to be this way, this is the way it had to be to beat the Patriots… had to be Ravens and had to be Flacco, had to be Brady.

But “had to be” only happens in the movies and this isn’t Hollywood, or is it?

Maybe it was meant to be, maybe it does have to be this way, maybe this is like a movie. I mean it is entertainment right? The NFL is a 10 billion dollar a year entertainment industry right? Heck I don’t know anymore.

I’ve covered this game for a good while and I don’t know if its real, if it’s make believe or if it’s willed by God or if it’s written in Hollywood. Who can tell anymore, all I know is it entertaining as all get out, I’m totally buying in and who knows maybe it’s in the stars because the Ravens and Patriots to go at it again in the AFC Championship Game.

I mean really you can’t write this stuff. Ray Lewis’s last ride after what happened last year. A rematch to make things right. I’m so damn excited I can’t even talk X’s & O’s right now but who cares.

Baltimore has a shot and that’s all I need for now.

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