BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Cracking down on the brutal violence on Baltimore’s streets means city police are teaming up with state and federal agencies.

Christie Ileto explains the steps being taken to crack down on this senseless bloodshed.

The cold-hearted violence happening on Baltimore’s streets has the city, state and federal officials taking action to curb the bloodshed.

“We are after you and we’re going to catch you,” said Rod Rosenstein, U.S. Attorney.

Those are the strong words to Baltimore’s criminals. Area law enforcement is teaming up to target fugitives and local gangs, and working to bring federal penalties to gun crime cases.

Numbers show last year, the city’s violent crime dropped five percent, while gun crimes– armed robberies and carjackings—dropped six percent. But 2012’s gun violence pushed the city’s homicides to 217, up 20 from 2011.

Police say they’ve seen a recent spike in crime. They’ve had 24 non-fatal shooting victims, as opposed to 12 this time last year. Two more died in a Tuesday morning shooting in West Baltimore. A 17-year-old girl was one of the victims.

“It’s sad that this happened,” said Daphne Alston.

Alston knows the impact of gun violence. She lost her son five years ago and counsels mothers who have lost their children to gun violence.

“I would like to see more of those cases being solved,” said Alston. “And harder sentences when they are caught.”

Change is coming but it won’t happen overnight.

“It doesn’t mean we have to do things differently, just continuously and in an efficient manner,” Batts said. “I don’t want to give you all our strategies but we’re adding to what has already been a success for us.”

The city started off 2013 with almost 11 days without a gun-related homicide.

Earlier this month, city police began teaming up with local clergy to curb crime in city neighborhoods.


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