BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Snow is falling all over Maryland.  Several school systems across the state dismissed students early and canceled afternoon and evening activities.

Rochelle Ritchie has more on this latest blast of winter weather.

The snow has died down but there is still certainly a threat on the roads because of ice and snow, which is the reason why some schools shut down earlier Friday afternoon.

It’s an early start to the weekend for students at Old Court Middle School.

“It feels good because you have time to yourself and you can do your homework and have time to do what we want to do at home,” said Kelly.

In preparation for the snow, students were let out earlier then expected–causing parents to rush from work.

“I just got a call. I was at work and I had to ask for time out to leave and that put us back in work,” Shelly said.

Parents say early dismissal is the best way to protect students.

“If it storms how do we get to them? It’s going to be dangerous on the road,” Remi said.

Friday’s snowfall began just before 3 p.m. Baltimore City salted its roads Thursday and the Maryland Highway Patrol is on standby to see just how bad it gets before they make a move.

“Our trucks are loaded and ready. They’re gassed up,” said Valerie Burnette Edgar, State Highway Administration. “This being a 1-to-3 inch storm–we  can always call in more people if we need to.”

Messy roads aren’t the only issue people could face. With the city still under a Code Blue, hypothermia remains a threat. So doctors say stay home and stay warm.

“Stay inside. Don’t come out, bundle up, lots of warm food and try to stay warm whichever way you can,” a doctor said.

And if you’re driving, take your time on the roads.

For a list of school closings and delays, click here.


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