BALTIMORE (WJZ)—The fans who can’t be in New Orleans have to find some other way to channel their excitement.  Many are using the Ravens as their motivation to get creative.

Monique Griego has details on how Ravens fans are showing off their enthusiasm.

Many Ravens fans are using the team as a creative muse.

Motown music maker Jean Albert Renaud is always looking for inspiration, and this year he found it in the Ravens.

“The power of what I was seeing and hearing and feeling this year for this season, for this team, came into one, and it made it very easy,” Renaud said.

Renaud channeled the city’s excitement for the Super Bowl-bound team into a song called “Ravens Express.”

“It’s powerful. Nothing can stop it. Nothing so far has stopped this team this year,” Renaud said.

This same infectious energy from fans also got Tony and James in the mood to make some music.

“Go Ravens, push the team back. It’s time to go and attack. Go Ravens,” their song goes.

But while some were feeling the funk, others are all about the fashion.

“We got purple felt. We got purple sequins. We got purple glitter,” said Eileen Bumba, hat maker.

Bumba’s beloved Ravens inspired her to create a mini hat–also known as a fascinator—collection.

“People are so excited. Like ‘Oh my God. I love your hat!’ People, honk their horns!” Bumba said.

Online fashion blogs show everything from scarves to even tattoos. The Ravens are taking over.

That’s also why Bumba’s tiny hats are such big hit.

Women can’t wait to support their team in style.

Bumba says you can wear your favorite jersey with a little feminine twist on top.

“This is just an added little extra something for them to feel festive and really celebrate the occasion,” Bumba said.

If you’re interested in getting your own mini, email Bumba at


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