BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The same storm system that is moving through has already claimed two lives as it tore through the Southeast.

Meghan McCorkell reports.

A massive twister is caught on camera as it tears across parts of Georgia, killing one person.

“I was so scared. It just picked up and slinged me three times,” said one victim.

Another was reported dead in Tennessee after tornadoes ripped apart homes–scattering debris everywhere.

“I was just the worst sound I’ve ever heard in my life,” another victim said.

Now that same storm system is causing problems here in our area. Police are investigating if driving rain was the cause of a five-car crash on the JFX during rush hour.

In Bowleys Quarters right on the water, the fog is so thick you could barely see through it. The bay filled with ice chunks–starting to rise. Some of it is already ponding in parking lots and on the street.

“It’s mostly the winds coming out of the south that gets us really bad,” said Savannah Gustaitus of Millers Island.

A Coastal Flood Advisory is now in effect. Homeowners in Millers Island are closely monitoring water levels.

“Just keep an eye on it. We’ll bring flashlights out and check it if it starts getting too bad,” said Pat Hipsley.

BGE has placed its crews in storm mode.

“They’ll be restoring service as soon as we see any outages. So they’re out in the streets. They’re out in your communities and they’re ready for the storm to really start to impact us,” said BGE spokesperson Rachael Lighty.

Now it’s the waiting game to see what that impact will be.

BGE is already reporting scattered outages throughout the area.


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