NEW ORLEANS (WJZ) — With tens of thousands of people expected to flood New Orleans for the Super Bowl and Mardi Gras, the city is a prime target for terrorists.

As Jessica Kartalija explains, that’s why the most technologically advanced security system is now in place.

“We ask your cooperation in arriving at the screening gates well in advance of the time you want to be in your seats,” said Jeffrey Miller, NFL Chief Security Officer.

Fans can expect to be watched, sniffed and pawed as they enter the Superdome.

“Fans can expect to pass through metal detectors and a pat-down search. After the pat-down search, fans will be asked to unzip any coats. All bags will be x-rayed,” Miller said.

Gamma ray scanners can see through six inches of steel, monitored from a command center.

“TSA, of course, is working on making sure the airspace around the stadium is closed during the game. They’re also working providing K-9 teams and screeners and all the rest,” said Janet Napolitano, Homeland Security Secretary.

While security is extremely tight at the Superdome, they’re also monitoring bars and restaurants in the city–where fans will gather to watch the game as well as maritime and hotel components as well.

“Customs and Border Protection has been on the ground. They’ve been actually scanning all the cargo coming into this area since Monday morning to make sure everything is safe,” said Napolitano.

And while at this point there are no credible terrorist threats in New Orleans, they’re doing everything they can as a precaution, from the moment that people set foot off the airplanes at the airport all the way to the city and of course at the Superdome.

Click here for security and game day plans from the NFL. 

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