By Mike Schuh

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The Ravens’ march to the Super Bowl is so exciting for some fans, they can’t help themselves. They have to share. The modern method? The Internet.

Mike Schuh shows us some of the better ones.

“We want a you to win. Go Ravens!” a fan from Moscow said.

There are enough Ravens videos to make you cry. More than a million people have seen a Harford County fan’s cry of delight. But even the famous can’t help themselves.

Ed Reed. So good on the field. So, so, so bad on the mic. He likely had a virtuoso singing voice–ruined by football.

“Hi guys. This is Moscow. We are Baltimore Ravens supporters,” a fan said.

Frigid fans even found outside the Kremlin. Men in blue at the police station are channeling their inner Ray. Little kids are getting pumped.

“What time is it? Game time!” a group of young fans said.

Future stars, remember: No matter where you are or your age, there’s an inner performer waiting to be inspired by the Ravens to show itself.

It’s not too late. Make a video, post it, and make sure you send us a link!

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