BALTIMORE (WJZ)— If you’re having even the slightest doubt about the Ravens winning the Super Bowl this Sunday, the Sisters of Mercy say  “Don’t!”

The sisters tell Christie Ileto divine intervention is on the way to help the team.

When it comes to the Ravens’ touchdowns and field goals, Sister Helen Amos says she’s looking one place, and one place only… above.

“Hold on to your faith!” she said.

The sisters of Mercy at Mercy Medical Center have already rallied behind the Baltimore Ravens, and now they’re praying the team to a Super Bowl Championship in New Orleans.

Their prayer: “First no one get hurt, second they all play their best, and third you will give us a victory in Baltimore. Amen.”

And with a direct line to heaven…

Ileto: “What has the good Lord told you?”

Sister Helen:”To hold tight.”

Ileto: “Does that mean a win?”

Sister Helen: “Probably. They won last time, and we cheered for them.”

The sisters say they have faith divine intervention will come through for the Ravens just like the first time around.

“This is from the 2000,” said Sister Elizabeth Anne Corcoran of her championship pin.

She has the Super Bowl mementos from the Ravens’ first win.

“I’ve had it all these years! (I) didn’t lose it. Can you believe that?”

And prayer isn’t their only ritual, as the Ravens prepare to take center field this Sunday.

They’ve got the Ravens fight song and huddle down pat.

Not to mention some heavenly predictions for the coming game.

“Ravens 35- San Francisco 24!”

Ileto: “How many touchdowns is Joe Flacco going to throw?”

Sister Elizabeth Anne: “He’s going to throw three.”

With some divine intervention and heavenly help the sisters are banking on Sunday.

Oh … and as for my direct line to the heavens…

“Have mercy on San Francisco!” the sisters said.


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